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TJ Stafford (co-writer of the song) and I had a blast making the music video for Easy Love and I’m excited to share the experience through a Behind-The-Scenes video.

The video captures moments recording the song in the studio with the very talented Jacob Szekely and Robert Anderson on strings and Noah Needleman on the control board, to shooting the official video at Pollution studios in downtown Los Angeles.

We worked with director Asher Brown to create a video that would show the push-pull, beautiful and poetic, but with a tangible lack of connection, as the narrator is tragically discovering that she doesn’t know how to be happy in a stable relationship and can only pull away from love if it feels easy. The two singers are together but don’t make eye contact, the two dancers (choreographed by Michelle Dawley and Deirdre Barnes) are always separated by the elements of the set, or are displayed in silhouette.

Directed by Asher Brown, Executive producer David Franz, Produced by Meg Schmidt, Shot by Charles Bergquist and Production Design by Susie Francis, Choreography by Michelle Dawley and Deirdre Barnes. Starring dancers Michelle Dawley and Jacob Jonas. Shot at Pollution Studios in Los Angeles and Production Company is Pollution. Song recorded at Underground Sun Studio and Moon Studios Engineered by Noah Needleman. Mixed and mastered by David Franz at Underground Sun.

Easy Love Main-2-polaroid