I just got back from a week in Lake Tahoe, recording with producer, Tyler Lewis. It was an incredible journey. I decided to make the 8 hour drive to Tahoe from LA and I’m so glad I did.

The Journey


I left the beach behind, drove through the desert (I foolishly wore black leggings for the drive and was completely overheating — oops!), past some gorgeous lakes, and then on into the mountains. Such a beautiful drive!

When I got to Tahoe, things got even more beautiful. My first view of the Lake made me pull off the road instantly and grab my camera. It was shimmering silver in the late afternoon light and it literally took my breath away.

The Cabin

I finally arrived at my little cabin in the woods, unhooked the bear wires (yikes!) and set up shop for a week without internet or television…not gonna lie, a much needed escape. I soaked up the quiet; cooked little meals for myself in the adorable, sunny kitchen; and worked on some new material. I think I could be fairly satisfied living in a cabin in the woods haha.


Recording – The Battle

I spent the majority of the next five days in the studio singing my heart out, under the direction of Tyler and his sound engineer, Andrew Fowler. Tyler and Andy were wonderful — always positive and so creative. Their positivity definitely proved essential when the little cold I felt coming on before I left for Tahoe turned into full fledged sickness on the second day of recording and I woke up sounding like a frog.


Luckily I had come prepared and had packed myself full of Cold Snap, lemons, honey, Throat Coat tea, and aloe juice (thanks to the recommendation of my singer friend, Erin Muir). The next few days became a battle between me and sickness. My voice was really suffering and we had to resort to a special cough syrup that Tyler’s girlfriend, Sarah, had gotten from a local healer. It was some crazy combination of garlic, cayenne pepper, vinegar, ginger and magic. Tyler, Andy, Sarah and I joined together in battle and somehow we were able to squeak the vocals out of me and even get some really nice raspy stuff that actually worked pretty well for the material. It was definitely not an easy week but it was so worth it!

Play Time

Tahoe was not all work. I did fully enjoy my beautiful drive each morning and evening past Emerald Bay. I also felt so at home with the down-to-earth, nice Tahoe peeps that I met. Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and seemed to enjoy a way of life that definitely felt like back home in Vermont: healthy eating, playing outdoors, and a love for music and art. I also got to hang out with some great friends. Of course Tyler, Andy and Sarah but also I ended up randomly meeting up with an actor friend, Josh Folan, that I did a movie with (thegraduatesmovie.com) back when I lived in NY. Josh happened to be in Tahoe for a screen writing workshop so we linked up and had a nice catch-up. I also got to hang out with a college friend who has a house in Tahoe and did some stand-up paddle boarding out on the lake with some great new friends who have a really cool hat company called Big Truck Brand (bigtruckbrand.com). I even swam in the Lake — freezing but the most beautiful, clear water I have ever experienced.

All in all, an amazing trip and I am so excited about the new songs. They will now be mixed and mastered over the next few months…stay tuned :)  Also, you can check out my behind-the-scenes video of recording in Tahoe on my youtube channel !