I am in development for a feature film that I co-wrote with fellow writer/actress/Vermonter Alexandra Case.

Soulmate(s) is a female buddy comedy, showcasing the strength and power of female friendship. Two Vermont girls are each others everything. When one girl meets the man of her dreams, the other drudges up a drunken college pact in order to save her best friend from choosing the wrong soulmate.

As women working in Hollywood, Alexandra and I have been continually frustrated by the lack of representation for women in film, especially with the types of roles that are available for women. So, we created a movie with two strong female leads driven to leave a positive mark on the world.


Soulmate(s) is a story sprung from the new reality of our generation in which women in their late 20s live together post-college, in a marriage-like relationship. In the vein of Obvious Child, Frances Ha, and Sideways, Soulmate(s) follows characters Samantha and Jessamine as their marriage-like relationship hits an impossible obstacle, which ultimately becomes their opportunity to grow up, grow apart, and grow together.

Soulmate(s) is also unique, because it takes place in a fresh setting: Vermont. All eyes are on 9b5cf6a8c25e6da2b62fef085d7b442bVermont right now, thanks to Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. We grew up in Vermont and want to give homage to the incredibly special place that made us who we are. Vermont is one of the few places where the people pride themselves on community and a place where the people are always ready to fight for an important cause. Soulmate(s) brings attention to a current issue in Vermont: the potential corporatization of maple sugar farming. In the film, we create a community campaign called “Local Sap”. Through the campaign, the lead characters help to rally support for local farmers and fight against the new industrialized syrup company.

Our team is in development of Soulmate(s). Currently we are in the financing stage (check out our fundraising platform on Seed&Spark and leading roles are casting. Alexandra and I will take our real-life friendship onto the reel-screen, playing leads Jessamine Parker and Samantha O’Sullivan. Ryan O’Neal is attached as Samantha’s father. Vermont’s favorite comedian, Rusty DeWees is also signed on to the cast. Our team is pursuing other cast with Vermont connections. We are also working with several Vermont company sponsors including: Switchback Brewing Co, Cabot Creamery, Solmates Socks, and Morse Farm. In addition, Carhartt will be outfitting our film!

We are slated to start filming in Vermont in spring 2017!