I just finished a great weekend in the Destin, Florida area!  I LOVE the South. The people were incredibly friendly and I had the honor to share the stage with inspiring songwriter from Nashville Bryan Kennedy and the fantastic Forrest Williams Band.

30A Radio

I started out my Florida trip by joining my good friend Marlyse Londe Phlaum in an interview by Claire Bannerman and Sherry Londe on 30A Radio 107.1. I talked a bit about my music and Marlyse and I promoted the benefit concert for the Arts in Medicine program at Sacred Heart Hospital of Emerald Coast, “Boogie For The Arts”. Marlyse was to be the MC for the event and I would be performing.


After the interview, Marlyse and I headed over to Sacred Heart Hospital to participate in some Arts in Medicine. We had a great time reading poetry and singing songs for patients in the hospital – a truly rewarding experience to be able to brighten someone’s day 🙂

Backyard Boogie


I met up with my Florida band, Rob Herbert (drums) and KP Capehart (guitar), and headed over to the Williams Backyard Boogie for the benefit concert. Forrest Williams and his wife Pherrel have built an unbelievably special venue in their backyard where the event took place. The night was filled with wonderful people, delicious food, and music by the Forrest Williams Band, Bryan Kennedy, and my band. One of the highlights of the night was when Dr. Stephen Phlaum (aka Dr. Jazz), a cardiologist at Sacred Heart Hospital, joined me on the stage to accompany me on guitar for a cover of Eva Cassidy’s version of “Fields of Gold”.  Dr. Plaum’s wife, Sherry Londe, was the organizer of the benefit and she skillfully pulled off a fun and successful event for the Arts In Medicine program. I was so happy I was able to be a part of it!

To see some of my set, check out this video by TJC Films on youtube!


Central Square Records

The next day I stopped by Central Square Records to play a short solo acoustic set among the records. This was my first record store gig and I LOVED it! So fun to be surrounded by epic records and posters of my heroes while I sang to the generous people who dropped by to listen.


The Bridge Bar & Sunset Lounge

To finish off the weekend, the band braved the pouring rain and played a fun set at the Bridge Bar in Gulf Breeze. While the clouds blocked our view of the sunset, we made the best of it and played to the good people who showed up even though the weather was less than ideal. Despite the rain – and KP accidentally eating peanuts which he is allergic to! – we had a great time playing our hearts out. No matter what, the show must go on and I love to play music.

The South

I really enjoyed my brief taste of playing music in the South and I hope to be back as soon as possible!!